K I N G D O M O F G O D { music for holy cities }

as requested by wizzard890

music for cities drawn from the blueprints of heaven; for theology wrought into stone; for structures; for labyrinthine cathedrals where lost souls come in order to be found; for scaffoldings holding up the flesh of belief itself.


01 CONQUEST OF SPACES | woodkid { Stretched to the core of galaxies / Distorted city grids / By a black hole of vanity / Blossoms the age of greed / Beyond the laws of density / Towers of glass and steel / Temples and fragments of memories / Drifting away from me }

02 BREATH OF LIFE | florence + the machine { And although I wasn’t losing my mind / It was a chorus so sublime / But the room is so quiet, oh oh oh / I was looking for a breath of a life / A little touch of heavenly light / But all the choirs in my head sang, no oh oh oh }

03 DOWN THE BURNING ROPES | james vincent mcmorrow { Down the burning ropes / Past the places where the steal beams meet concrete skies / You make your bed under the moonlight / I think it’s time we said goodbye }

04 PIANO NOCTURNE | chopin

05 BOADICEA | enya

06 SHINES | hear hums

07 THE WORSHIP BELL | heathered pearls


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