( WITH GUNS LOADED ) [listen / download] ✶ for guns drawn and shots fired, the crack of a whip and the thunder of stampedes. for dust storms and droughts. for swinging saloon doors and spinning spurs. for a man’s best friend ain’t a dog, it’s a horse. for sleepless nights under the stars and tireless journeys under the sun. for the cowboy. for the old west.

the good, the bad & the ugly theme – ennio morricone ✶ magnificent seven theme – elmer bernstein ✶ how the west was won – alfred newman ✶ god is gonna cut you down – johnny cash ✶ the 3:10 to yuma – marco beltrami ✶ sister sara’s theme – ennio morricone ✶ per qualche dollaro in più – ennio morricone ✶ who let the cows out? – marco beltrami ✶ the braying mule – ennio morricone ✶ bible study – marco beltrami ✶ the ecstasy of gold – ennio morricone ✶ i giorni dell’ira – ritziero ortolani ✶ trinity – annibale e i cantori moderni ✶ ain’t no grave – johnny cash

!!! ***** so 8tracks won’t let me have more than 2 ennio tracks on the playlist THEY’RE SO DUMB, but they’re /all/ included in the zip file!!!!


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